Listen to what your cables are telling you

Today, cable failure is largely unpredictable.

Preventative maintenance is limited to direct inspection every few years.

Wouldn’t it be better to be able to measure their condition and the environment they sit in? 

Know in advance – when there is time to react.

Optimise your direct inspection and reduce the environmental impact of expensive boats mindlessly patrolling the cable routes.

We prevent the failure of subsea cables.

If you are concerned about the health of your cables,  keep scrolling

Our Background & Purpose

Cables fail strand by strand

We understand cables. We started from first principles of investigating the nature of failure.

We understand fibre optic sensing.  With over 40 years of expertise we know the topic inside and out.  High fidelity Fibre Optic Sensing has the answers to understanding cable condition buried in the sensing record – but they are hard to extract.

Once a strand fails strain appears on the surface

Imagine putting a microphone in a busy office and trying to pick up a rarely occurring fault in the mains hum.   Fibre Optic sensing can do the same – but it’s hard. 

Volumes of data are crushing and the answers you seek only become apparent when you monitor for hours and days. The volume of data prevents conventional approaches.

Indeximate tackle both problems head on…

the conventional sensing industry has yet to provide a solution

Our output

We visit your cable and profile it for weakness, our patent-pending mechanical weakness metric produces a metre by metre measure of armour degradation & FO tube degradation, informing you on weak conditions.

But that’s not all or enough – we also profile the cable and the environment for 10 risk factors allowing you to pull together a complete story.

We can deliver this from a data collection of days to weeks or via permanent monitoring – allowing you watch how the situation changes over time

Or populate the output directly to your sensing cloud, hosted by Indeximate.

The Benefits

  • Cable lifetimes are extended
  • Inspection is targeted, cheaper and more efficient
  • Preventative maintenance can be planned with foreknowledge
  • Failure can be pre-empted
  • Corrective maintenance costs are reduced or eliminated
  • Insurance profiles are optimised


An improved ownership experience

Why Indeximate?

How are we different?

We are hardware agnostic – we aren’t promoting expensive systems where you are unsure of the long term benefit

We are solely focussed on preventing failure of seabed cables. We aren’t distracted by other problems

We listen to what your cables are telling you. Most DFOS solutions just alarm on occurring failure. We view that as too late. We tell you far in advance of degrading condition with time to act.

We take a long term view and profile data for months and years – we are motivated by long term conditions.