2024-07 July – Indeximate’s first patent granted – in the USA!

A key “first” for Indeximate this month is the granting of our first key patent (and in the USA!).   At the outset we realised that IP was critical for our future.  Our process where we measure the integrity of cables (particularly armour integrity) is now patent protected.   The approach is a key departure for DAS – measuring an output not just alarming on events.

Our patent teaches on how we measure the erosion of integrity in a cable as the armour starts to be worn through via abrasion (for example).  Here we don’t rely on a direct measurement– rather we exploit the relationship between the electricity flowing through the cable and the stiffness response and how it varies at every point.  Put simply electromagnetic forces create a repulsive force which the armour constrains – if the armour weakens these unbalanced forces can be quantified.

DAS is an amazing technology, devices used to measure earthquakes can be used to measure the vibration of a cable arising because of the electricity flowing through it – and for us, used to detect points of weakness.  

Asset owners don’t have tools to look inside cables at any point along their length. We are starting to peel back these layers and inspect the internals:  by listening to what the cables are telling us.

If you are interested you can read more at US 12025568B1.

2024-06 June – Indeximate secures slot in coveted NY OWIH Technology Accelerator

Indeximate have won a slot on the prestigious NY accelerator, hosted by Offshore Wind Innovation Hub and backed by Equinor and a host of key New York Stakeholders.

This is hugely exciting and important for us as wind is taking off in a big way in the East Coast USA and Brooklyn will be the hub for all this energy. Our message on enabling preventative maintenance has been heard and we are very grateful for the opportunity.

More information on the programme and the announcement can be found here

2024-05 May – Dr Chris Minto invited to present at FOSA Annual Meeting

Dr Chris Minto is giving an invited talk at the Fibre Optic Sensing Meeting Annual meeting in Austria next week, hosted by TU Graz. FOSA are the main industrial trade association for fibre sensing, Chris served on the inaugral technical committee as chair way back in 2018. Chris will present on some of Indeximate’s key work in extracting long time series measuring content from fibre optic sensors.

2024-04 April Indeximate exhibiting at Subsea Cable Installation, Asset Management & Reliability Forum

Indeximate will be attending and exhibiting at SUBCAM mid April – come and see us to understand how asset management can be improved by permanent condition monitoring.

2024-03 March – Indeximate commences permanent monitoring at MeyGen

Read more about here on our news release.

2024-03 March Indeximate selected for ORE Catapult Launch Academy

Another key moment for Indeximate is being slected for the 4th cohort of ORE-Catapult’s Launch Academy. This is the UK’s National Technology Accelerator programme for offshore wind, sponsored by BP, RWE and Scottish Power / Iberdrola.

Read more about Launch Academy on ORE’s website and on their press release

2024-02 February Indeximate wins RWE Innovation Competition

Indeximate are incredibly pleased to be announced as the winner of RWE’s 2023 Innovation Competition. At a ceremony in Essen, the Indeximate founders were presented with their award.

Anika Borm, Technical Innovation Lead at RWE “The innovative element of their solution is the ‘Indeximation’ of acoustic data, ensuring a more detailed and targeted analysis of acoustic signatures in the subsea soundscape. In addition to cable condition monitoring, this system will provide for vessel as well as marine mammal identification and tracking. The technology has thus great potential for creating exciting insights into the ecological systems and supporting the preventive maintenance of RWE’s global offshore wind fleet.”

Read more on RWE’s website and their press release

2024-01 January Indeximate exhibiting at Offshore Wind

Indeximate are planning a busy start to the year with trade show appearances at both Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind in January in Glasgow & Wind Europe (Bilbao) in March

2023-09 September Indeximate announces new R&D programme

Indeximate are pleased to announce the launch of an R&D programme with Swansea University Astute Centre of Excellence to prove the fundamentals of power cable electromechanical response. This numerical investigation provides both a verification of our ElectroMechanical risk metric and at the same time a route to expand and quantify degradation. For the first time the industry now has a tool to understand the integrity of cables at each point along it, without getting wet – the aim of this project is to expand the foundations with a quantification of performance and exploration of some of the fundamental relationships between electrical current and strain response.

2023-08 August Indeximate published cable health assessment guidelines

Following our well recieved blog article on problems facing the subsea cable insurance industry, Indeximate Ltd today is pleased to publish our Recommendations for Cable Health Assessment Requirements. This is published freely for the industry under a CC-BY Creative Commons Licence – you are free to use it, adapt it, exploit it and republish it.

This is what we follow and issue our certificates of cable health against these requirements. It is a completely technology agnostic approach, instead it defines outcomes in terms of cable health knowledge that are desired – it is up to the reporter to define their approach and what degree of cover it supplies. You can read more about in our blog page or you can download the document directly.

Cable Health Assessment Requirements

2023-06 June has been a really busy month for Indeximate with the team performing multiple deployments. Our targets on these jobs were measuring cable degradation and thermal response, remotely assessing repairs and profiling our risk factors. The presence of a long dataset offers a wealth of ancillary information – including tides, waves, weather, crossings, turbines, ships and much more.  Time is a great leveller allowing you to tease out massive amounts from the data.  

Long datasets reveal so much – horizontally we see time passing, some sections of cable change, some stay the same, some respond, some don’t – all through this we see diurnal variation and the changing pattern of weather


We are really pleased to be co-sponsoring the inaugural Subsea Cable Insurance Conference & Workshop, hosted by Global Underwater Hub at the Canary Wharf Hilton, London on May 16th.

It’s exciting for us as it’s also our launch event. Alastair & Chris will be on hand at the event at our booth to explain the competitive advantage that robust cable assessment can bring to the insurance market. This is shaping up to be an excellent event with extra capacity being brought in to accommodate the increasing number of delegates. More info on