About Us

We founded Indeximate Ltd to tackle the critical offshore wind industry problem of premature cable failure.  

As respected thought leaders in the field of fibre optic sensing, we knew from experience that the answers were out there but conventional wisdom was acting as a big blocker to getting to these answers. 

We set out to change things by developing some novel approaches.

We are a data science company offering cloud based risk intelligence to asset owners. Our Indeximation process compresses fibre optic sensing data and transfer it to the cloud enabling long time series development of all risk measurements.

Put simply we inform on remaining life and enable preventative maintenance to extend life.

Management Team

Dr Chris Minto, CEng, CPhys: well respected in the fibre optic sensing industry as a thought leader and executor with extensive business and product creation experience. Chris brings 25 years of working at the forefront of acoustics.

Dr Alastair Godfrey: Our intellectual powerhouse with a long track record of technology innovation & intellectual property development: focussed on real-life industrial application

Paul Clarkson: An unsleeping visionary with an extensive background in algorithm development and electrical power systems. Paul is the brains behind the Scattersphere and our Indeximation process.

Dr Alastair Godfrey
Dr Chris Minto,
Paul Clarkson