Cable Risk Intelligence at your fingertips

Indeximate Scatterpshere
Risk Profiles from Indeximate Scattersphere

The Scattersphere is your cloud based home for cable risk intelligence. Here is where we listen to what your cables are telling you… We Indeximate your DAS data and push it to the cloud over conventional link channels. Once in the Scattersphere we store for a year or more your complete set of vibrational recordings for forensic analysis. By compressing the data it makes cloud storage both practical and effective – as well as hosting and visualising your data we run our Risk Intelligence algorithms continuously on the data.

What will the scattersphere do for me?

Want to understand cable dynamics? Well you need a complete lunar month’s span of data to make sense of it. Want to understand integrity? You might need longer to see a full spectra of energy density in the cable.

Here we profile (at every point along the cable) our key risk factors

  • Abrasion
  • Vibration
  • Fatigue
  • Exposure
  • Cable Integrity (Electro-Mechanical Risk)

User interaction with Scattersphere cable risk intelligence

Warnings of reduced lifetime are conveyed to the user, not as alarms to act on “now” but rather as advance flags of deterioration with an indication of expected reduced lifetime. We give you months or years of warning – enough time to plan stabilisation action.

From a warning flag, the user can delve into the time series, probe all the risks together and understand WHY a risk is occuring. If a warning isn’t yet critical – it’s OK to ignore – we’ll bring it back for another report in a few months and we can then monitor deterioration.

We are shifting the sensing industry away from “alerting” on conditions happening “now” (such as an anchor drag with an inevitable outcome) to measuring long term deterioriation that can then be avoided by performing preventative maintenance.

In addition to this huge benefit of cable failure prevention, the same data store can also be used for a huge range of other purposes – the raw signal information is still all present:

  • Forensic Analysis
  • Vessel density analysis
  • Cetacean and mammal monitoring
  • Environmental change monitoring
  • Benthic habitat profiling
  • Wave Height monitoring
  • Tidal movement and response

Contact us today to understand how the Scattersphere can transform your business and provide bottom line savings on operations.