An Indeximate cable health check report – fundamentally does exactly that – it quantifies the health of the cable and state of the environment at all points along the cable – from end to end.

At each point we measure a series of risk factors and quantify the presence and risk of each at EVERY point and answer some important questions along the way:

  • Cable Weakness / Degradation / Integrity (on armour, lead sheath or FO sub-cable)
  • Exposure of cable
  • Is abrasion present?
  • Is the cable in free span
  • What is the depth of burial
  • How much fatigue is the cable being exposed to?
  • Is shipping present in the vicinity? What class of vessel? Is AIS turned off?

We can also report on cetacean activity, lighting, thunder & wave height – although these are more use to the operational community.

Why do this?

  • Understand and quantify degradation in advance of failure
  • Improve ROV survey by targeting activity on known regions / reduce level of inspection / decrease costs
  • Plan remediation activity
  • In the worst case inform on planned replacement and optimise replacement time
  • Optimise insurance exposure

Ultimately we quantify risk and reduce the chance of failure

A health check only takes ~ 1 week to conduct – we collect a long recording of cable behaviour then turn that round into an output. If concerns are visible, this can rapidly be turned into semi-permanent monitoring to profile degradation.